5 genius ways to save money for your Costa Rica vacation. From airfare to local insider tips that save you the extra $.

Costa Rica is a dream destination for many to visit. You most probably imagine the sound of the howler monkeys, the lush jungle forest, waterfalls and secluded beaches. The “Pura Vida” is calling you! … But once you sit down to start with the travel planning, you realize it is not the easiest thing to organize this exotic or sometimes even lifetime vacation.

This is something we have experienced many times with our past guests, so we have compiled a list of some top tips to save money on your Costa Rica vacation. Here some of our best-practice tips to getting started:

1.      Book your vacation in advance!

Whether you like to visit during Costa Rica’s low or high season – we know as insider that early birds always receive a special treatment. Besides the benefits of an advanced booking rate; you most probably can even negotiate flexible payment conditions or may receive benefits that add value to your booking such as Free WIFI, a welcome basket or other exciting value add-ons.

The benefit of reserving early is that the “reservation agent” at the rental house or hotel you like to stay has still much more room to negotiate than last-minute.

2.      … also your flights should be booked in advance!

The earlier you book, the better! It is a proven rule and confirmed by leading travel pages like Expedia or Travelocity. So once you booked your destination in advance – you should start monitoring flights between 90 to 60 days before your departure date which should give you the best results. Pages like Skyscanner.com or CheapAir.com help in comparing airline rates for your travel dates.  Experts agree that Tuesdays are the best days to look & book.  It's the day all the airlines reset their rates.

3.      Use a local travel expert.

Once you have your destination and flights booked. You should contact your “local expert”. Our advice is – do not rely on an international travel agent – they are intermediaries and really cannot assist with insider tips or guarantee the quality of any service they offer. They are not physically in the country.

When it comes to recommendations on transfer arrangements, excursions, the planning of a special occasion or any other activity you like to add to your agenda - work with a local expert. At Casa Tranquila, you have the complimentary help of a private Concierge. Nathan is Costa Rican and will not just help you before your arrival with any question you have, but also with all your arrangements during your stay. He will personally welcome you upon arrival to Casa Tranquila and say goodbye at the end of your dream vacation. Travel planning could not be easier and comfortable. The best of all is… you can be assured that you will not be “ripped off like a tourist” as they say, because Nathan has it all covered for you. No language or culture barriers you will have to hustle with. Just enjoy the “Pura Vida” vibes.

4.      Rent a vacation home and save money

Renting a vacation home is a great way to save cash. Savings can be up to 50% with a rental as compared to a hotel, and Forbes estimates savings are even deeper if you travel with several people. 

Another money-saving aspect to home rentals is being able to cook instead of eating out for every meal. Restaurant prices rose last year while grocery prices actually dropped, according to “Time", so sample the local fare or shop at a nearby farmer's market to glean the true flavor of your vacation spot.  Casa Tranquila offers a filly-equipped, modern kitchen . . .and even an "extra" smaller kitchen on the first floor.

In Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, with average hotel room rates between $200.00 to $600.00 per night – considering a luxury Villa like Casa Tranquila will definitely be a favorable option when planning a family vacation or a larger group of friends.

5.      No hidden expenses

No hidden fees at Casa Tranquila Costa Rica. There are no resort fees or hidden taxes. Everything is absolutely transparent from your home booking to an overview we provide you with costs for excursions, transportation arrangements or other special services. You determine with Nathan which services you like to select and add to your Costa Rica week and there will be no hidden surprises.

Are you ready to start your travel planning for your Costa Rica vacation? Contact us at Casa Tranquila with any questions and a personalized quotation for your stay dates.

Nathan, Donald - Fergus & Sombra - Your local experts at Casa Tranquila, Manuel Antonio - Costa Rica are waiting for you.

Nathan, Donald - Fergus & Sombra - Your local experts at Casa Tranquila, Manuel Antonio - Costa Rica are waiting for you.

The gem of Costa Rica - The Manuel Antonio National Park

The Manuel Antonio National Park has quite a reputation. It is the smallest national park in Costa Rica, consisting of 1,700 acres of land and over 130,000 acres of water. Don’t let the size fool you though, it has been rated as one of 12 most beautiful national parks by Forbes in 2011 and is one of the most visited parks in the country. For anybody who is coming to visit Costa Rica and wants to see wildlife and beautiful beaches, Manuel Antonio has to be on their list of places to go.

About the Park

This park was established back in 1972 when Costa Rica decided to preserve the immense natural beauty and biodiversity found within. There is such a vast variety of wildlife and nature present that it is considered one of the most biologically diverse spots in the world.

The park has many hiking trails, a waterfall and several white sand beaches all home to a plethora of animals. It is open Tues-Sunday, 7AM – 4 PM. The entrance fee is $17 for foreigners, but we do recommend you to reserve with us a naturalist guide who is able to point out any wildlife animal and the most beautiful view points along the way.  

Please do not forget to bring a towel or beach blanket. The National Park Manuel Antonio features post-card perfect white sandy beaches. You can walk on the rocks at Playa Manuel Antonio and explore some of the tide pools. There are some fantastic coral reefs around the area and snorkeling is possible to do here but you need to bring your own equipment.

Gamma, Casa Tranquila´s Nr. Naturalist Guide

Gamma, Casa Tranquila´s Nr. Naturalist Guide


Wildlife watching is one of the best at Manuel Antonio National Park. Over 100 species of mammals and 180 species of birds can be found in the park and it is common to see white face monkeys, the endangered squirrel monkey, iguanas and lizards and 2 and 3 toed sloths.

Be very careful with the white face monkeys and raccoons as they will try to steal your food and they have no fear of humans. Other animals you can see are toucans, frogs, coatis, and out in the water it is possible to see dolphins and whales. No matter what day you go, you will be guaranteed to see some monkeys at the very least!

The Hiking Trails

There are several trails in the national park that you can spend a whole day exploring. They lead to beautiful viewpoints, beaches and a waterfall and since many people spend their time at the beach, you can have the trails all to yourself.

Though the beaches are really nice, we highly recommend hiking at least a couple of the trails. Venture into the hot and humid jungle and reward yourself with a refreshing dip in the bright blue waters.

Tips for Visiting Manuel Antonio National Park

  • You cannot bring food like chips or peanuts in to prevent feeding of wildlife. Park rangers will check your backpack at the entrance.

  • Do NOT feed the animals! It may seem hilarious that the monkey stole your sandwich but it’s harmful to them.

  • You can walk the trails with flip flops but closed hiking sandals are recommended

  • Bring your swimsuit. If you do not want to wear it walking through the park, there are changing stations and showers.

  • You do not need to wear long hiking pants or shirts, the trails are nicely paved with platforms and you will nott be going in the forest. Just make sure to use repellent.

  • We recommend to reserve our naturalist guide who will add great benefit to the one must-do activity that is on your list during your stay at Casa Tranquila. He also provides binoculars.

  • Bring your camera – a wide lens recommended.

  • Bring water and snacks; and of course sunscreen

What are the benefits of a renting Casa Tranquila and not a hotel during your Manuel Antonio getaway?

Busy agendas, traffic, responsibilities and too much daily noise – a vacation is to distant from all of that and find a moment of serenity. Have you ever planned a vacation to really distress and find some rest for you and your family to arrive to a hotel were quiet is not an attribute you will encounter? Overcrowded pools, TV noise at night from your neighbor’s room and let´s not even mention the spectacular entertainment program at night.

You can certainly avoid the noise and the crowds on your next vacation by booking at Casa Tranquila.

Luxury Rental Property Casa Tranquila provides customized service and personal attention

With the rental of Casa Tranquila you receive the complimentary service of your private Concierge. Donald and Nathan will assist you from the first moment of contact with any questions you may have about Casa Tranquila, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica in general and of course any elements of your trip planning as for transportation arrangements, activity suggestions, planning tours and preparing the villa for your arrival by stocking the kitchen with the items you like to have available.

Upon your arrival, we will give you a tour of the house and explain you all technical little things that matter for you to feel like home. We will review your activity plan and assist you with information on any question you may have like how to get to the closets beach, the best restaurant recommendations in the area and of course some insider tips of must things to do during your stay as well as secret spots.

If you like to spoil yourself a little more, our personal chef can arrange for your meals during your stay at Casa Tranquila - so nobody has to spend time in the kitchen on vacation and you have more time to enjoy Costa Rica and everything it has to offer. This service can be arranged either for your entire stay or just for one special dinner.

Your Casa Tranquila Team! At your service!

Your Casa Tranquila Team! At your service!

More Privacy, less rules

If you stay at Casa Tranquila, you will be the only guest. That means you will enjoy on one hand more privacy and all facilities for yourself and your friends or family. So no need to place a towel before breakfast on your pool chair ;) On the other hand, you can use the pool at the time of your convenience, come and go – Casa Tranquila will be your Home away from Home.

The price for a Villa is comparable to that of a hotel

Most people naturally have the impression that renting a private rental property for their vacation must be far more expensive than a hotel stay. However, consider that really any items in a hotel from the water bottle to the spa or gift shop up are significantly marked up.  When you book a rental house you get what you pay for. Most importantly by only doing the simple math you will quickly notice that the cost per person is similar to that of a good hotel. Now add all the previous mentioned amazing reasons and your choice should become very clear.

For more information about the benefits of staying at Casa Tranquila contact Donald: donald@casatranquilacostarica.com

Drink Like a Local – Tico Sour Recipe for your pool days at Casa Tranquila

To get you perfectly into your Pura Vida Costa Rica vacation mood we must teach you a typical “Tico Cocktail” for you to prepare and enjoy during your afternoons in the pool chair and of course after your return back home to keep up the good memories.

The Tico Sour features the Cacique Guaro Liquor, a sugar cane liquor that is the bestselling distilled spirit in Costa Rica.

If you are looking to make this at home, you should buy a bottle or two of Cacique Liquor while visiting Costa Rica to bring home with you! A sugar cane rum can also be a close substitute.


  • 2 basil leaves
  • 7 coriander leaves
  • handful of ice-cubes
  • 1 ½ measures guaro cacique liquor
  • 1 lime
  • 1 measure brown sugar syrup
  • soda water
  • salt


Start with the herbs. Roughly tear up the basil and the coriander leaves, and add to your cocktail shaker along with a good handful of ice cubes. Pour in the guaro cacique – Be careful – it is strong. Meanwhile, squeeze the juice of a lime – you will need enough to fill a measuring cup – and add to the shaker along with the brown sugar syrup. Muddle everything together before giving it a good old shake. Pour into a tumbler, remembering to salt the rim of the glass. Finish by topping up with soda water and adding a wedge of lime. Ready and Cheers to “Pura Vida!”

Want to enjoy this at Casa Tranquila at the pool with a stunning view of the National Park Manuel Antonio? Contact Donald at donald@casatranquilacostarica.com.

The mystery of the raining season in Costa Rica!

At Casa Tranquila we are currently enjoying the hottest and driest month in Costa Rica. Sunshine, magical sunsets and sunscreen, much sunscreen are what characterize our days here in Paradise. It is also one of the most requested months as it is the perfect time to escape the cold and snow before the spring starts in the Northern hemisphere; But are the “high season” months also the best month to experience Costa Rica in its most authentic beauty?

Let us explain why travelling to Costa Rica in “low season” has huge benefits

When planning your Costa Rica vacation, you might want to consider visiting during the country’s low tourism period, from mid-April through November. Don’t get confused believing that low season equals the term “raining season” and neither let it spoil your visions of outdoor adventures! This is Costa Rica’s most beautiful time of the year, when the tropical Rainforest explodes in vibrant colors, with exotic flowers and fruit trees, not to mention slightly cooler temperatures. Rest assured “green” season weather will not disrupt your travel plans, as most tours are unaffected by tropical rains or make them even more fun. White Water Rafting? – You will get wet anyways!

Here are a few reasons why the green season is Costa Rica’s best season for travel.

Cheaper Airfare

Book at least one month in advance and you can save $100-$300 off high season fares from major cities like Houston, New York, Washington D.C., Orlando, Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles.

The Weather

It rarely, if ever, rains all day. A typical morning is sunny with clouds and showers rolling in between 2 and 4 p.m. Thunderstorms may last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. Many outdoor excursions take place rain or shine, with the exception of storms with heavy lightning. Mid-September and October are generally Costa Rica’s rainiest months in the Central Valley and Pacific coast. It is amazingly beautiful!

Incredible Landscapes

It’s called the “green season” for a reason! The afternoon showers keep everything fresh, green and lively. You will truly enjoy wandering through the National Park of Manuel Antonio and experience the tropical Rainforest at its best.

Smaller Crowds

Fewer tourists equal more freedom with your itinerary. No need to book every tour in advance; simply follow your whim and make plans day-by-day with the assistance of your private Concierge Nathan. Share the beach of Manuel Antonio with just a handful of people, and explore the National Park without having to go around tourist groups every five meters.


Costa Rica is the most developed country in Central America with fantastic touristic infrastructure and high standards of service. Starting early May you can expect not only lower rates at Casa Tranquila, but also discounts in other services due to lower tourist numbers in the country. Inquire with Donald, owner of Casa Tranquila, about rates for your travel dates and let him assist you with any questions you may have about travelling to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Email: donald@casatranquilacostarica.com

Manuel Antonio Beach wins big in TripAdvisor 2017 Travel Awards

Continuing to be a favorite with world travelers, the Manuel Antonio beach in Costa Rica was named among the best in the world according to the latest TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Awards.

The popular global travel site announced on Feb. 18 its 2017 Travelers’ Choice Awards for the best beaches in the world. The annual awards are based on traveler reviews gathered by TripAdvisor over the past 12 months. In addition to an over-all top 25 world winners list, top winners are listed by regions and countries, including lists for Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America, and the South Pacific.

Costa Rica beaches were favored highly, especially Manuel Antonio Beach in the Manuel Antonio National Park on the Central Pacific Coast which beautiful shores you will be able to enjoy every day from your balcony at Casa Tranquila. Manuel Antonio Beach was chosen No. 2 of the Top 10 Beaches in Central America, and No. 23 of the 25 Top Beaches in the World and of course the No. 1 in Costa Rica. If you still had doubts about where to sip your coconuts under palm trees during your Costa Rica getaway, they all should be lifted by now. Ready to book your stay at Casa Tranquila Manuel Antonio?

For the <3 of Sloths

How can you look at a photo of a sloth and not fall in love?  So gentle. So adorable. Always smiling.

Monster, Casa Tranquila´s Baby from TSI

The Sloth Institute Costa Rica does heartfelt work to help our sloth population endure and thrive.  Their natural habitat in Manuel Antonio is diminishing more every day, and Casa Tranquila is committed to helping.  You can do the same.

TSI focuses on education, research and care of Costa Rica’s sloths. Contributing, volunteering and becoming a member of its Adopt-a-Sloth Program are ways to show your love of your special friends.  Casa Tranquila was the proud “mother” of Monster, one of TSI’s most beloved babies, until he passed away last year.  His loss only proves there is always more help needed and work to be done to preserve Costa Rica’s first inhabitants . . .its wildlife.

Please go to TSI’s website and contribute as you are able.  Then, when you come to visit Manuel Antonio, you can be confident there will still be plenty to see.

Finding Costa Rica Flights

                                                                      Off to Casa Tranquila

                                                                      Off to Casa Tranquila

After severe U.S. cold snaps on both the East and West Coasts, it's the ideal time for a Tropical Vacation.  You know there's more snow on the way now. Yet, Casa Tranquila's best weather is just beginning.

Casa Tranquila keeps its rates below $100/person/night, and it offers far more than any hotel.  BUT, as good as we are, we cannot control airfares.

What we can do is help you!  As part of our service, Casa Tranquila maintains constant awareness of your best flight deals. We want to send some tips to help you escape those freezing months ahead. From (click the link to see the deal):

Once you're on the site, play with the dates (and departure airports) to make it fit your needs, remembering Casa Tranquila prefers Saturday-to-Saturday reservations. If you don't live in one of these large cities, it's only a few dollars more to get there.

Most folks don't know there are TWO international airports in Costa Rica. Make sure you also check Liberia (LIR) as your arrival airport:

Check Casa Tranquila's Calendar, then trade in those galoshes for flip-flops!  All you'll need after is your bathing suit and sun screen!

Click "reply" now, and ask me any questions you have. We are happy to advise on your flight options.

Remember, you always have a home in Costa Rica!

Happy New Year & 
Pura Vida


Casa Tranquila has completed its viewing deck extension. You now are just a little closer to the spectacular view of The Pacific. You have ten additional feet for tanning and relaxing. We even moved the grill and outdoor dining there, so you are closer to your kitchen at dinner time. And beneath, it also creates a cozy shaded area next to your pool . . .when the sun gets to be "too much".

We are always finding new ways to improve your Casa Tranquila Experience!

New Bali Decor

Casa Tranquila's new Bali furniture is complete!  And if you ever received one of those early Christmas presents that you just can't wait to open, you'll understand why we want to show it to you now.  It just launched from Bali, and will arrive near the beginning of February, but our shipper sent photos of the finished items, and we just had to show you.

Click the photo below to scroll through 15 of our new items.  Then click "RESERVE" to book your High Season week in February, March and April, and come enjoy our new decor!!

Costa Rica is the New Bali

Costa Rica is the New Bali

I just returned from MY vacation in Bali, and I am so happy I made the right decision in 2004. I went to Bali in 2001, and planned to move there to begin my vacation villa (many of you know this story).  Distance, vast cultural adjustments and aging parents encouraged me to seek, instead, the most “Bali-like” atmosphere . . .just closer.  I chose Costa Rica in 2004 and started Casa Tranquila two years later.

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Saving Money In Costa Rica!

Traveling to a new country always brings many questions (and perhaps a little anxiety) about money.  This video post will offer you a lot of valuable information about being more confident with Costa Rica's money before you arrive.

Please feel free, regardless of whether or not you are Casa Tranquila's guest, to email me with any other questions you may have. Donald@casatranquilacostarica.com.  I am available at your convenience at Costa Rica's finest luxury vacation rental.

Doctor Gannon: 9-1-1

Dr. Kevin Gannon has come to Casa Tranquila.  Manuel Antonio now has a fully modern clinic just moments from where your villa, and is available 24/7 for our guests.

In ten years, Casa Tranquila had never had a medical situation any more challenging than a little sunburn.  This June we had two: a dislocated shoulder and bronchitis. In both situations, Nathan made one call, and Dr. Kevin was at Casa Tranquila within the hour. 

For the dislocated shoulder, after treating it and making the guest comfortable, he even escorted him to the hospital for an x-ray and waited for it to be complete. The bronchitis required a second visit later in the week (no additional charge), and he waited until the medication was delivered to Casa Tranquila.

For more confidence, he speaks English better than I do and he takes your US insurance plan for his house calls!  Diagnosis . . . treatment . . . . medication . . .no vacation villa in Manuel Antonio offers better focused attention to your needs.

While we are confident you will never meet him during your vacation, it's comforting to know he's here.

The Ultimate in Costa Rican Relaxation & Memories

Todd & sarah

Todd & sarah

Casa Tranquila is certainly a perfect way to experience Costa Rica Adventure, but it’s also ideal for “Costa Rica Relaxation” and to create your “Costa Rica Memories”. And we offer our guests the perfect two-for-one special.

Todd Pequeen has been Casa Tranquila’s Massage Therapist Extraordinaire for all 10 years we have been in business.  Our guests rave about his perfect touch. And they find him particularly relaxing after some challenging Manuel Antonio excursion like zip lining, white water rafting or the ATV’s through the rain forest. 

His LMT skills were honed in Buffalo, NY, but he has been a fixture here in Manuel Antonio for 13 years.  His magic hands will have your body “feeling like butter” in the first minutes you are on his table.  And he comes right to Casa Tranquila for you, so after, you can fall right into the pool.  You can read more about Todd here on his own website. Now that’s professional!

Sarah, Todd’s wife, is the best professional photographer in Manuel Antonio.  She has created Costa Rica memories for many of Casa Tranquila’s guests through the years.  On the pristine beaches, frolicking around the villa and its pool or just hanging out together in a local restaurant, Sarah always knows the perfect instant to capture.  You can enjoy her masterpieces here on her website.

And if those two extraordinary talents were not enough, Todd and Sarah combine to turn Casa Tranquila’s guests into surfing pros.  Together, they provide lessons that will have even landlubbers who’ve never seen an ocean standing on their boards and riding curls well enough to be in a magazine!

Probably their best attribute of all, though, is that they are the sweetest couple in Costa Rica.  You’ll want to box them up and take them home in your suitcase!!

Manuel Antonio Adventure On the World Stage

Manuel Antonio Adventure On the World Stage

After a successful first edition in Costa Rica in 2009, we will again host the 2016 ISA World Surfing Games from August 6th-14th. This ISA mega event will take place along the central Pacific shores of Costa Rica, in the vibrant town of Jaco Beach, only 45 minutes from Manuel Antonio and Casa Tranquila.

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Ahoy! Matey

Travel Pirates is the most extraordinary website I have ever found for excellent destination travels.mean-little-pirateWhen I first opened my villa in April 2006 (Happy 10th Anniversary to Casa Tranquila!), my goal was this: since I cannot travel the world as much as I’d like, I will have a spectacular home in Costa Rica that will bring The World to me. This amazing new web site can now allow me to do both!! Mind you, Travel Pirates is a third party affiliate. They find the deal and point you in the right direction. After, it’s up to you to do the legwork on the actual provider sites (where you can buy your tickets). But with these kinds of savings . . . it’s certainly worth the extra effort.

You may also want to know about the “Sisters” of Travel Pirates by reading here. There are several other sites that focus on Europe and other areas of the world . . . also offering tremendous vacation opportunities.

Happy Travels!!

Avoid VRBO "User Fees"

You read in my last post that the Vacation Villa Industry is making significant inroads into what was once "hotel territory". Hotels are rapidly becoming less desirable when a vacationer can have his/her private home for the same (or lower) price. You’d think, therefore, it should be getting easier to have your dream home, but HomeAway/VRBO, the largest vacation rental site in the world, seems to be shooting its own best interests in the foot. They just began charging you, The Vacationer, a “User Fee” (~6%) simply for using their website. Fear not, however. I have compiled 7-Highly Effective Habits to avoid them. It will require a few more clicks . . .but these seven "tricks" will save you hundreds.


A VRBO profile still offers a direct link to that villa's website. (If a villa does not have its own website, you likely do not want to stay there). This link will take you to that spot for Casa Tranquila’s VRBO profile, as an example.

  • Find your favorite villa on VRBO
  • Choose “Owner Info” under the lead photos
  • Go to the website of the actual villa
  • Book directly with the owner to avoid the VRBO fee

On your villa’s VRBO profile, you should see a link for the telephone number of the owner.

  • See the box to the RIGHT of the “Villa Description”
  • Click “Show phone number”
  • Call to book directly with the owner to avoid the VRBO fee
  • NOTE: To increase your confidence, Casa Tranquila encourages always speaking with the villa owner him/herself prior to sending money!!

The best villas always have a video on their VRBO profile, and the savvy owner will have his website link pictured somewhere in the video.

  • Find the video
  • VRBO --> Icon in Upper LEFT corner of photo array
  • HomeAway & VacationRentals.com --> Click the BACK arrow of the photo array, and the video will appear
  • Alternatively, search You Tube using the name of the villa + location
  • Book directly with the owner to avoid the VRBO fee
  • Casa Tranquila’s Video on VRBO

VRBO may soon remove the above options. Do not fret. A reputable villa will have the villa’s NAME in its VRBO description. (If they don’t, don’t stay there)!!

  • Locate the villa’s name in the property description. The best villas will have it in the first paragraph.
  • If you cannot find it there, look in the villa’s guest reviews. The past guests will almost always type the name of the villa
  • Google search, remembering to use the location to narrow the search (“Casa Tranquila Manuel Antonio Costa Rica”, for example)
  • Reliable villas will have their own business website
  • Book directly with the owner to avoid the VRBO fee
  • NOTE: When you use a general Google Search such as “Vacation Villas in Manuel Antonio”, the first page will be full of websites for aggregate sites like VRBO & Trip Advisor. You may have to go to the second or third page to find the website link for your actual villa.
  • Any villa that is serious about its business will have a presence on Facebook, including its contact information
  • Type the villa name and its location in a Facebook search
  • Casa Tranquila’s Facebook Page, for example
  • Call, email or F/B message the owner there
  • Book directly with the owner to avoid the VRBO fee
  • If you are returning to an area you have been, reconnect with the accommodation you used before
  • Owners who are proud of their businesses will help you find a suitable villa . . .even if it's not theirs
  • It’s not without its own frailties, but thus far Trip Advisor/FlipKey does not charge its vacationers.
  • Most villas you would find on VRBO also have a profile on Trip Advisor.

These methods may take you five extra minutes and save you hundreds of dollars on VRBO’s “User Fee”

Email me directly at donald@casatranquilacostarica.com if I can offer any further assistance.

The Wave of the Future (& Present)


After staying in Casa Tranquila, Travellers say they will NEVER use hotels again. Goldman-Sachs just released a report verifying what most of US already know: After travellers enjoy a vacation in a Vacation Villa such as Casa Tranquila, they vow to use them for all future vacations.

Read the report here to see the most powerful statistic confirms that, 18 to 1, respondents say, after using a vacation villa, they prefer them to hotels. Staggering. . . .but not surprising after you have been Casa Tranquila’s guest.