Our guests even come from places where it is NOT currently freezing!  Jeannie and her family and friends landed at Casa Tranquila last week for the perfect tropical vacation of LOW-KEY R&R.  And we certainly loved having them join us in the villa.  

After Chef Nathan worked his magic for a welcome meal on the night of their arrival (a perfect solution after a long day of travel) . . .Jeannie and her folks ventured out to all the incredible restaurants Manuel Antonio has to offer. Beach days, Butterfly Garden, and massages for all was the order of the day.

They made a SUPER-FUN video (click the link in the Blog post titile) as evidence of all the fun they had.  Just check out those views!

We wish we could clone you guys and have you every week!  You always have a home at Casa Tranquila!! 



Great News for Our Friends! Nathan is now Casa Tranquila’s New (and sensational) In-Villa Chef!!  Those of you who have been our guests know  Nathan works hard as your concierge, making sure every tiny detail of your vacation goes smoothly.  He’s now “pulling double duty” . . .so you will enjoy his expertise at Casa Tranquila’s dining table as well.

Nathan mastered his kitchen creations in the best cooking school of all: at his mother’s side. Donald has invited Nathan to take on this task many times in the seven years he has been Casa Tranquila’s Concierge; finally he has accepted!!  After two years, Chef Dariela will be accepting a position at a local restaurant, which gives you the amazing treat of experiencing Chef Nathan.

What Nathan will whip up for you

Breakfasts can be “Tico” (local cuisine) or “Gringo” (more US and Canadian).  Dinners include appetizer and dessert (of course), and  his unparalleled:

  • Curry with chicken, shrimp or mahi-mahi (you decide the “spicy” level)

  • Chicken grilled with mango and avocado sauce, grilled veggies and rice

  • Lasagna with chicken or shrimp (Donald’s FAV)

  • Many more!

He’s maintaining the same low rates as always: Dinner, $135; Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch, $85. And he will have weekly “packages” that offer discounts for larger numbers of meals.

After many years of asking, we will ALL be thrilled Chef Nathan finally said “YES”.

Nathan Chef.jpg

The best fishing in Central America – You find where?... In Quepos – Costa Rica

A fishing vacation in Costa Rica is definitely for those who have ever wanted to experience a well rounded-up holiday experience. Costa Rica is a stunning destination for a fishing get-away offering fabulous weather conditions almost throughout the year, adventure activities, a welcoming culture and many fabulous options of adventures to add on to your stay. All of it you will experience in Manuel Antonio plus being able to enjoy world-class sport fishing.

Why Manuel Antonio / Costa Rica over all places?

Manuel Antonio National Park and the nearby town of Quepos with the world-famous Marina Pez Vela are located on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The rich biodiversity of this area, coupled with a wealth of activities make this a destination that offers something for everyone. It is easy to spend your entire holiday in this area of the country with friends or/and family! Manuel Antonio is the premier destination of the Central Pacific region offering a very established tourism infrastructure with restaurants, shops as well as easy and affordable transportation.

The small town of Quepos on the bottom of the hill of Manuel Antonio has always been known as idyllic fisherman village and with the built of the Marina Pez Vela got itself fast re-known as one of the leading destinations for sport fishing in the country and world-wide. Most fishing-aficionados know that the Quepos waters are the most abundant fishing grounds on the Pacific side of the country.

Your fishing options in Quepos

The offshore fishing in Manuel Antonio is the number one destination for fisherman who regularly visit Costa Rica. Your chances will be high to catch marlin, blue and black as well as Costa Rica Dorado (mahi-mahi) or Tuna. Mostly yellow fin tuna are caught along the shores of Quepos.

As for inshore fishing which is as superb expect to catch roosterfish or red snapper. Definitely consider to have a private chef hired for the day of your fishing trip to prepare your catch after you return to Casa Tranquila.

Are you ready to put your fishing dream in Costa Rica into reality? Contact us today at Casa Tranquila to plan your vacation package. Email:

 Your private concierge Nathan testing for your every adventure ahead of time!

Your private concierge Nathan testing for your every adventure ahead of time!

3 reasons to escape the winter now and go to Costa Rica!

It is freezing cold, windy and wet outside; dark winter coats and red noses as far as the eye can see. Even though hot chocolate, homemade soup and any kind of comfort food never tastes better, winter can take a lot out of you.

Now, imagine the warm sun on your skin and the relaxing sound of the waves in your ear while you’re wiggling your toes in the sand… This is what your winter could be like… Ready to escape?

1.     The perfect moment to change the scenery

If you go on vacation in the summer, you leave your sunny and warm home to fly to another slightly sunnier and warmer destination. So why not rather travel during the winter and exchange your warm coat for board shorts. The only umbrellas you will have to deal with will be stuck in a cocktail glass next to your deck chair. A winter vacation often means a complete change of scenery – perfect to forget all about mittens, scarves and anything fleece.

2.     Time to soak up some much needed sun

Winter can be depressing and difficult to manage. Very little daylight, sunshine and warmth which can affect our mood in everything we do. Going to a warm and tropical place in winter might just be what the doctor ordered: It can help you to recharge your batteries and give your body a much needed boost of Vitamin D. These will benefit your immune system, give you energy and help you stay alert and motivated until it’s officially spring. So

3.     Perfect to spend your Christmas money on

Why not invest some of that Christmas money in a trip to the beach or convince your loved ones to travel together? A lot of destinations and airlines offer lower rates during the winter and – depending on the destination. Getting a great vacation deal further increases happiness.

Costa Rica is of course your perfect winter travel destination

Exploring a paradise of an oasis in 27 weather is how you rock a vacation. Surfing, hiking, a stunning scenery, postcard-perfect sunsets and impressive beaches – you name it, Costa Rica has it all and at Casa Tranquila in Manuel Antonio we offer the perfect last minute getaway deals.


Costa Rican Summer Vibes are in full Swing.

It is getting cold in the USA, Canada and Europe – But tropical warm in Costa Rica.

While the last leaves are falling of the trees in the Northern hemisphere and the first frost is creeping in – in Costa Rica we are saying “Adios!” to our version of winter or what we call the “green or rainy season”. As Costa Rica transitions from its Green Season to the High Season, we are trading afternoon showers for full sunshine and magical sunsets daily.


Welcome Summer Vibes in Paradise!

As we welcome the summer in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica the dream team of Casa Tranquila is getting ready to welcome visitors from all over the world eager to explore this beautiful country during the end of 2017 or early 2018. The top reasons to visit Costa Rica – they comment us – are to explore the white sandy beaches, to observe the large variety of wildlife, to meet the kind locals (“Ticos”) and to cross off some bucket list adventures from the new year´s resolution.

Costa Rica is a dream destination to escape from the cold and the snow during the northern winter season. The warm temperatures of the sea, the vitamin D from long, sunny days and the easy access to fresh tropical fruits - all count for the best booster you could ask for. Regaining strength and good energy is guaranteed during your stay at Casa Tranquila.

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica – a destination that pleases everyone.  

From total 22 activities offered in the entire country – Manuel Antonio boosts alone 19 stunning experiences you can choose from during your staycation. No matter if you seek pure relaxation in the shadows of a palm tree with the sound of ocean waves as background sipping on a coconut or rather like to feel adrenaline rushing down your spine while swinging through the tree tops of the tropical rainforest - in Manuel Antonio you will find the perfect variety of activities to please everyone in your group of friend or family.


Our top 7 favorites are:

  1. Hiking the trails of the National Park Manuel Antonio with our naturalist guide Gamma

  2. Sunset cruising on a Catamaran along the shores of the Pacific Coast spotting Dolphins

  3. A thrill-full White Water Rafting day on the Savegre River

  4. Exploring the waterfalls and hanging bridges of the Rain-Maker Preserve

  5. Riding a warm ocean wave enjoying a private surf lesson

  6. A rejuvenating deep tissue massage in the privacy of your Casa Tranquila Suite

  7. Flying over the jungle canopy on a zip-line

At Casa Tranquila we are committed to create for you a 100% personalized Costa Rica experience. Contact us NOW to start creating your getaway:

Christmas in Costa Rica – The “Pura Vida” way of celebrating the Holidays.

As Thanksgiving and Black Friday have passed - we are beginning the countdown to the most magical season of the year. But, while in the northern hemisphere the days become shorter and the temperatures lower – in Costa Rica we are anxiously awaiting the summer. What comes to your mind when thinking of XMAS in the Tropics? Santa Clause riding an ocean wave all the way to the sandy white beach with palm trees and coconuts? Absolutely – In Costa Rica that image can become reality. There you got it! :D


December in Costa Rica is lively, vibrant and colorful. “Ticos” – synonym for Costa Ricans – adore colorful light decoration on their houses. Besides that, - expect – fiestas, family gatherings and some pretty unique Christmas traditions.

No Xmas family gathering would be complete without “Tamales”

One of the most loved and long-expected custom shared in a family setting is the preparing of “tamales”. Every true Costa Rican house and family will implement and gather to slowly prepare and cook tamales. Recipes may vary, but are passed from one generation to another, but generally the main ingredients are: corn flour stuffed with potatoes, vegetables, and a savory filling such as pork or chicken, intricately wrapped in plantain leaves and then steamed.

Other typical dishes or Xmas ingredients that cannot be missed out on for the Holiday dining in Costa Rica include the Christmas dry cake with raisins, farm-raised roasted pork and of course “rompope” or egg nog.


Traveling in Costa Rica during December is a culture-rich experience full of holiday traditions, grand fiestas and festivals and a true testament to the importance of family. At Casa Tranquila we look forward to meeting our December guests and sharing the extra spark of magic with them.

Would you like to visit us during December in 2018? Contact us for more information and rates:

Costa Rica, the Greenest and Happiest Country on Earth

The happy ‘Tico’ Costa Rican spirit

Costa Rica has again topped the Happy Planet Index rankings with a substantial lead. This tropical Central-American country is home to the greatest density of species in the world. Costa Rica’s GDP per capita is less than a quarter of the size of many Western European and North American countries, and is primarily based on tourism, agriculture and exports.

People living in Costa Rica have higher wellbeing than the residents of many rich nations, including the USA and the UK, and live longer than people in the USA. And all of this is achieved with a per capita Ecological Footprint that’s just one third of the size of the USA’s.

What’s working well in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica abolished its army in 1949, and has since reallocated army funds to be spent on education, health and pensions . In 2012, Costa Rica invested more in education and health as a proportion of Gross Domestic Product than the UK.  Costa Ricans’ high wellbeing is related to a culture of forming solid social networks of friends, families and neighborhoods.

Costa Rica is also a world leader when it comes to environmental protection. The Costa Rican government uses taxes collected on the sale of fossil fuels to pay for the protection of forests.

Some of the most popular protected areas include the World Heritage Site of Corcovado National Park which is famous for its mangrove swamps, tapirs and macaws, the beautiful beach-side Manuel Antonio National park, and Tortuguero National Park, a favorite nesting ground for endangered sea turtles.

In 2015, the country was able to produce 99% of its electricity from renewable sources, and the government continues to invest in renewable energy generation in an effort to meet its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2021.

Plan your own Costa Rica getaway now. Contact us:

 "The search for Happiness!" - The November 17´ Edition of the  National Geographic Magazine  features Costa Rica as one of the "Happiest countries of the World!

"The search for Happiness!" - The November 17´ Edition of the National Geographic Magazine features Costa Rica as one of the "Happiest countries of the World!

Want to be trendy in 2018? Here are the 5 most important facts that will influence travel to Costa Rica this upcoming year!

When you think of trendy – the first industry you may think of is of course fashion. What’s “In” one month may be totally outdated the next. But, fashion isn’t the only industry that is subject to quick change… So is the travel industry!

So what are the top 5 tips to travel hip and in fashion next year!

1.       Go green or stay home!

Sustainable travel is definitely one of the leading trends of current times. Both traveler and accommodations are becoming more environmentally and sustainable aware and responsible. People are more drawn to eco-friendly travel options or eco-tours. Good that Costa Rica is known world-wide as a leading green country and leader in sustainable tourism.

 Volunteer in Costa Rica as part of your vacation. Reforestation, Wildlife conservation or turtle release? Which will be your preferred eco-experience during your Costa Rica vacation.

Volunteer in Costa Rica as part of your vacation. Reforestation, Wildlife conservation or turtle release? Which will be your preferred eco-experience during your Costa Rica vacation.

2.       Stepping out of your comfort zone

In 2018 people will want to cross of bucket list experiences. More and more are we looking for eye-opening experiences, adrenaline and thrill. Costa Rica was ranked high in 2017 as one of the leading countries for outdoor adventures. From canopy, white water rafting to bungee jumping and waterfall cannoning - Costa Rica got it all.

3.       Multigenerational travel

As our families spread out more global - multigenerational travel continues to be a leading industry-wide trend. By traveling together with younger and older relatives, families are able to reconnect in sometimes fun and exotic destinations. "Skip-gen" trips, where grandparents take grandchildren on a special adventure, leaving the parents behind to experience their own time off, are also becoming more popular.

 Wellness, Adrenaline, Beaches, Wildlife - Costa Rica will offer something for everyone.

Wellness, Adrenaline, Beaches, Wildlife - Costa Rica will offer something for everyone.

4.       Live like a local, but don’t be one

In 2018, rental homes are going to be particularly popular. One in three travelers (33%) say they'd prefer to stay in a holiday rental (a holiday home or villa) over a hotel.  Travelers more and more like the experience of feeling truly at home away from home and enjoy to have a local expert at their disposal on their terms. A host with strong local knowledge about activities, tours and how to get around is important to have.

5.       Human Touch

Even though technology is more and more facilitating information and travel decisions that does however not offset that for 2018 interaction with amazing staff and forging genuine relationships on holidays will be increasingly important. 2017 travelers are starting to understand that human touch is irreplaceable and crave this human interaction to make their holiday memorable.

 The Casa Tranquila Team - We will create memories with you!

The Casa Tranquila Team - We will create memories with you!

Casa Tranquila, in Manuel Antonio – the place to be in 2018.

Experience a new culture with friends or in family in 2018. Casa Tranquila remains being Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica´s best vacation home for 10 consecutive years. No matter if you look for thrill, wellness or like to participate in any activity that will be transformational for you and your beloved ones, the team of Casa Tranquila can facilitate you with all information needed to create this unforgettable experience for you.

We are booking 2018 stay dates now. Contact us for availability:

Hurricane Season is affecting the Caribbean – At Casa Tranquila, in Costa Rica, we remain totally “Pura Vida!” – Want to know why?

It is Hurricane Season and many attractive travel destinations like the Caribbean, Mexico, Belize and the United States are in constant alert expecting to have to prepare for another of these violent storms to hit as did Harvey, Irma and Maria this year.

So, why is Costa Rica an exception?

Hurricanes form over ocean waters close to the equator when those waters are hot (above 80 degrees Fahrenheit). That is why they form only during the summer. However, you will not normally see hurricanes form right at the Equator. That’s because at zero degrees latitude there is not enough turning of winds in the atmosphere to give those tropical cyclones the “push” they need to form. It is almost impossible for hurricanes to occur within 10 degrees of the Equator.

That is our blessing in Costa Rica and so we remain being one of the safest destinations to travel to during the months of August through November – “hurricane-safe” we could say.

Interesting to know that Costa Rica is not even listed yet on the Hurricane City Database of cities and countries affected by hurricanes since 1997.

Check for yourself if you do not believe us :) - Hurricane City Database.

Better come & sip cocktails with us at the pool of Casa Tranquila!

At Casa Tranquila we offer incredible rates and the chance to stay for as short as 4 nights to two weeks for the upcoming months. This is the best time to visit if you want to get away and beat the crowds.  If you have any questions regarding travelling in the Green Season, just send an Email to Donald: or keep reading the next blog: “7 Costa Rica Rainy Season Travel Perks”.

The dollar is enjoying historic highs – why not plan that Costa Rica getaway now!

With the US dollar on the rise, your money currently goes much further in Costa Rica and combined with some attractive deals offered by various airlines including Copa and Southwest there could not be a better opportunity than NOW.

But why should you choose Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is one of the most bio-diverse places on this planet and to be able to see and experience this beauty is an incredible opportunity. There are more than 25 diverse national parks in Costa Rica, nearly 300 unique beaches along the Pacific and Caribbean coast and it is said that this country alone holds 5% of the biodiversity of the earth. You will be able to have encounters with amazing wildlife like tapirs, monkeys, sloths and scarlet macaws. Manuel Antonio is considered to be one of the bests for wildlife observation in the country.


As for activities Costa Rica provides a wide range of more than 20 diverse adventures to explore and experience. That goes from swinging through the treetops of the cloud forest with a zip lining tour, rushing down the rafts of some of Central Americas most scenic rivers or jumping off some majestic waterfalls. If you rather seek serenity and relaxation, you can enjoy divine hikes through nature, yoga classes at the beach under palm trees or a cruise through unique eco-systems like the Mangroves.

The reasons we can give you to visit Costa Rica are endless. Let alone the fresh and tropical cuisine, the climate that never gets cold, epic sunsets almost daily and the warm-hearted culture of the Ticos.

… and now why Casa Tranquila.

The equation adds up. The dollar being in your favor, amazing airline deals, and breathtaking destination – what else could be missing? Of course, the perfect place to stay. Casa Tranquila is not just Manuel Antonio´s best reviewed vacation home with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, fine Bali Décor and dazzling Ocean Views, but with the package comes more than 10 years of proven customer service provided to you by Nathan and Donald. These two will take your expectations and exceed them by far. From the moment of first contact to the last good-bey they will create life-time memories for you.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now and let us plan your Costa Rica getaway:

10. Reasons why a vacation in Costa Rica may change your life.

There is no experience like traveling. Through travel we learn about different cultures, ways of life, the natural world, and about ourselves. Nothing can take the place of firsthand experience. Costa Rica is one of those places that has the power to promote a personal evolution and change from within. It is also likely that you will have experiences in Costa Rica that you have never had before.  At Casa Tranquila we have witnessed it all and here are 10 top reasons why Costa Rica will change your life. 

1.       Recharge Your Batteries

Everyone needs a break every once in a while. Our health and happiness depend on us allowing ourselves to recharge between work, family, and life demands.  A trip to Costa Rica is the perfect opportunity to kick back, relax, and recharge. You will return home feeling like a brand-new person.

 2.       Reconnect With Your Loved Ones

Costa Rica is a family-friendly, kid-friendly, and reunion-friendly destination. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to spend with the people you love the most. A trip to Costa Rica is the perfect excuse to get together and create some memories.

3.       Reconnect With Yourself

Costa Rica offers something for everyone. Taking time to just be with you is invaluable. You can find all the time and space you need in Costa Rica. When you dedicate some time to yourself, you are creating the space for self-growth, discovery, and improvement. Venturing into the woods, a delicious spa day in the jungle or taking this refreshing morning beach walk – whatever it is, we have plenty ideas at Casa Tranquila for quality alone time.

4.       Experience Wildlife

Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Around 5% of the world’s biodiversity lives in this small Central American country. About 25% percent of Costa Rica is protected by national parks, wildlife refuges, and reserves, and there are countless nature tours and eco-activities to choose from. The Manuel Antonio National Park only a 5 minutes’ drive from Casa Tranquila is one of the most beautiful parks in the world nominated by the Forbes Magazine. You will be able to observe three monkey species, two sloth species, scarlet macaws, toucans and more in their natural habitat.

5.       Swim Beneath a Waterfall

If you want to experience the raw power of Mother Earth, swimming beneath a waterfall is an incredible way to feel it. Costa Rica is home to dozens of famous waterfalls. Most of them require you to hike in, but once you get there your reward is a refreshing cool pool beneath a magnificent cascade.

 6.       Visit an Active Volcano

Another way to be reminded of our Earth’s astonishing power and beauty is by visiting one of Costa Rica’s active volcanoes. Costa Rica has nearly 200 volcanic formations, and half of those still show signs of volcanic activity. Five are classified as active volcanoes. One of the current active volcanos which is Poas is located only a 45 minutes’ drive from the international airport of San Jose making it a fabulous stop before you travel to Manuel Antonio or even before you depart after your stay with us. We can help you with arrangements.

 The Poas Volcano - only 45 minutes from the international airport of San Jose

The Poas Volcano - only 45 minutes from the international airport of San Jose

7.       Unleash your Inner Child and Adventurous Side

When visiting Costa Rica, there’s a great selection of adventurous and adrenaline-pumping activities to choose from. When is the last time you laughed or screamed from a thrilling experience? Canopy zip lining, Tarzan jungle swings, waterfall repelling, ATVing, suspension bridge walks, and whitewater rafting are just a few of the things that you can do to bring out your inner wild child, who has probably been resting dormant for too long!

8.       See the Forest From a Bird’s Eye View

There is nothing quite like seeing the rainforest from the canopy. Canopy tours, zip lining, and suspension bridges offer you a totally difference view of one of the most beautiful forests on Earth. This is a great chance to have some special wildlife encounters and breathe in the freshest and cleanest air.

9.       Have the Best Cup of Coffee of Your Life

Costa Rica is world-renowned for its coffee, and rightly so, as it is some of the best-tasting coffee in the entire world. To make the perfect beverage even better, enjoy it in one of the most picturesque settings, whether you are beachfront, in a tree house, or in the jungle.

10.   Break Your Consecutive Sunset-Viewing Record

How often do you watch the sunset at home? Sunsets are a huge part of the culture in Costa Rica, especially on the coast. Most people make a point of watching the sunset every day. There is something truly magical about them. You will understand once you see your first sunset here at Casa Tranquila, and will likely make a point of seeing it every night of your stay.

Watching the giants of the Ocean during your Costa Rica stay.

It is August which means the beginning of the second whale season this year along the Pacific shores of Costa Rica. But, what is it about whales? Is it their massive size? Their incredible intelligence? Their social personalities? Whatever it is, they intrigue us and for many it is on the bucket list to see whales at least once in lifetime. So why not accomplish this mission during your stay with us at Casa Tranquila?

Costa Rica has the longest humpback whale season in the world. So if you are looking for an encounter with the ocean’s gentle giants, your odds are pretty good here.

Costa Rica Whale Species

The endangered humpback whale is the must-see species among whale watchers. There are three species of humpback whales that frequent the shores of Costa Rica: California Humpback Whales, Antarctic Humpback Whales, and North Atlantic St Lawrence Humpback Whales. Pilot whales, blue whales, and Pseudo-Orca whales have also been known to frequent the Pacific Coast.

When to Visit

Costa Rica has the longest humpback whale season in the world! This gives whale watchers a lot of flexibility as humpback whales can be seen nearly year-round on the Pacific side. The Northern Hemisphere California Humpback Whales come to the Pacific coast December – early April. Southern Hemisphere Antarctic Humpback Whales come late July – November. The Southern Hemisphere Antarctic Humpbacks migrate in groups of about twelve for nearly 5,000 miles to mate and return to give birth in the warm, tropical waters of Costa Rica.

Where is the best place to see whales from Casa Tranquila

Only an hour drive from Casa Tranquila the national park in Uvita, Marino Ballena National Park was created specifically to protect the waters for whales as this is considered the best place in Costa Rica to see humpback whales. You don’t need to go out far on a boat to see them either!

It’s common to see mom and baby whales together as this is the time where mothers nurse their young and teach them how to breach, dive and feed. The babies are very playful and sometimes when you see them they are splashing their fins around and eagerly jumping out to practice.

There are many whale watching tours and Nathan will assist you to organize the best for you either with or without transportation from Casa Tranquila depending if you have a rental car or not. If you like to received more information about Whale Tours that we recommend, contact Nathan:

7 Costa Rica Rainy Season Travel Perks

Do you have your heart set on Costa Rica, but those storm clouds make you a bit nervous? The Costa Rica rainy season is a common concern for travelers, but we recommend you to do not let the rain keep you away. The rainy or “green season” from Mid-August to November is actually a preferred travel time for many seasoned Costa Rica travelers. Let us inform you why?

Afternoon Relaxation

First, let us reexamine this concept of rain. We can assure you that the vision you have of shivering in your bathing suit on the beach in a rainstorm is not an accurate representation of the rainy season in Costa Rica. Although, we cannot guarantee the weather, typically rainy season mornings are bright and sunny with afternoon showers that roll in for a couple of hours. So before you see the first rain drop, you have already been out on adventures and sun bathing at the pool at Casa Tranquila. Now would be the perfect time for a spa treatment, a well-deserved afternoon nap, or a quick bath before dinner.

Less Crowds

Consider it to your benefit that the rainy season does not get all the masses that you must expect during the dry season. Fewer crowds mean emptier beaches, fewer people on your day tour, and more personalized service. Doesn´t that sound good?

You Don’t Have To Plan So Far Ahead

There is less urgency in the green season. If you want to do a last minute trip to Costa Rica, you can. In the rainy season, it is entirely possible to put a trip together a month in advance. No need to fixate on the details. A laid back, stress-free experience is what it’s all about after all.

The Best Pura Vida Experience

You can experience the Pura Vida way of life anytime, anywhere during your trip to Costa Rica. This no worries, go-with-the-flow kind of attitude is best understood when interacting with locals. Talk to your tour guide, the bus boy, whoever. The people of Costa Rica are friendly and eager to share their culture. And the best way to experience that is without all the hustle and bustle that the dry season can bring.

Better Prices

Naturally, less demand means better prices. Travel in the green season and you basically cover your entire travel and activity expenses with the same amount that would in high season cover only the accommodation. You may pay half price for your entire itinerary in green season compared to the dry season. Don´t you like that? Of course, we can help with your entire trip planning.

Everything is so GREEN

Keep in mind, Costa Rica is a tropical region with a variety of rainforest ecosystems. And in order to see that lush, green landscape we all love so much- it must rain.

More Wildlife

In the rainy season, the animals of Costa Rica come to life. Not only is the forest rejuvenated with the rain, but so are the animals. Everything is green, food is plentiful, and new animals are born making the entire forest more active. It certainly helps that there are fewer people on the trails too.

3, 2, 1.. are you ready to enjoy all these benefits? Contact Donald for green season rates at Casa Tranquila, Manuel Antonio - Costa Rica:


Our new video offers you the emotion of the Casa Tranquila!  Photographs provide the facts, but the video senses the true Casa Tranquila Experience.

Alex Boisett, our sensational videographer matches the pace of the music to the hour . . . . as you wake up to the stillness of Casa Tranquila and move through the “day” of views, wildlife, food, relaxation and activity.  Then, as the sun sets, you are brought back home to rest once again. . . .all in only three minutesThis video is an incredible work of art. Please send the link to your friends.

If this does not make you want to click “Book Now” above, then we must simply rest in the comfort that we have done our very best to bring you to Casa Tranquila.

Click below, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy.

Relax, recharge, reflect, reevaluate. The reasons you really should consider a long-term vacaction in Costa Rica.

For many of us the typical flow of the year starts off with many intentions, goals and projects we see ourselves accomplish in the span of 365 days. While weather is still cold and grey in the northern hemisphere we put all our energy into accomplishing a good start on all our new life-changing objectives. Once the summer comes we have managed to get through the coldest months which tear on our physical bodies and might feel tired by now from the rush and all the force we put into the first quarter of the year. Suddenly, we realize - oh gosh… we might have totally forgotten the stress that comes with the summer time maybe managing employees schedules or taking on extra work from colleagues being “out of the office”.

For some reason, and certainly not as intended , with the arrival of the summer we might feel rather drained than refreshed. A short weekend getaway or maybe a quick escape to the mountains might be a quick fix for holding on a few weeks longer or a couple months – But we certainly cannot deny the inner voice that will keep begging us for time to really get off the grid, recharge, reflect and reevaluate.

 Costa Rica is a fantastic destination to recharge. Yoga, Meditation, Nature Hikes and great Surfing await you.

Costa Rica is a fantastic destination to recharge. Yoga, Meditation, Nature Hikes and great Surfing await you.


1.       Relax: Just as we to need sleep every night to feel our best, we occasionally need time away from work to work our best.  Participate in those activities that promote relaxation for you.  Reading a good book, taking a quiet walk in solitude, floating in the pool, joining your yoga practice or working in a garden. You surely can define some activities that assist you to withdraw yourself from your stress, routine and busy agenda. Overall burn-outs are on the rise – keep that in mind.

2.       Recharge: Without stress there would not be growth, but taking a break from stress no matter if physical or mentally is crucial to our health. Consider that you allow your body after each work-out at the gym time to recover and re-hydrate. The same recovery time we should also honor our mind and soul. Taking a vacation immediately assist to manage stress and honoring the time away from the office is definitely beneficial.

3.       Reflect: Stepping back from your everyday schedule and task lists to allow yourself the opportunity to reflect can provide a multitude of positive outcomes. As they say “you are in no obligation to be the person you were last month, last week or even yesterday”. Even though you have set clear intentions on the beginning of the year – maybe along the way you learned that some activities might not feel as interesting to you anymore and that is ok. Maybe getting a new car is not as relevant to you anymore as maybe doing this nutrition course that is coming up and you just discovered on Facebook. If you allow yourself to refresh your “vision board” from time to time rather than holding on tightly to one single plan “A” – you will refill with new motivation.

4.       Reevaluate: The best decisions are made when you really allow yourself to step back and take some time to feel and revaluate what is important to you. Whether in your personal or professional life, taking a break from everyday tasks gives you time to formulate innovative responses to both your life and business challenges.

 Casa Tranquila now features long-term rental rates for those that like to re-structure their life paths or celebrate a new chapter.

Casa Tranquila now features long-term rental rates for those that like to re-structure their life paths or celebrate a new chapter.

Why you should consider a long-term stay in Costa Rica to assist in the “Redefining of yourself”

Costa Rica is an authentic and vivid country. You will be surrounded by rainforest and oceans which are the main oxygen producers – Only that is already a “YES” indicator. Waterfalls, endless jungle, flora and fauna you can emerge in and get inspired by. Reconnect with nature, reconnect with yourself and combine that with a healthy diet which is so easy to establish in Costa Rica. With the weekly farmers market offering fresh and organic produce from fruits, vegetables, fresh cheese to organic eggs.

The local culture of “Ticos” you will experience as friendly and welcoming. People are less interested in possessions rather than in connections, friends and family which is so refreshing and will make it easier for you not to worry about your established “I have to do – I need to have”. Rather than that, go and play – get a yoga class on a beautiful secluded beach, try your talent of photography or take surfing lessons. The variety of fun things to do in Costa Rica is endless.

Wrapping it up – taking a longer vacation will result in a more balanced life - a life that truly aligns with yourself and your true desires and needs. At Casa Tranquila, we therefore now offer long-term rental rates as we understand that more and more of us are seeking for a longer and more meaningful “get-away”. Contact us for more information:

After writing this blog, we think we need a vacation – good however that we already live in Paradise J Pura Vida!

5 genius ways to save money for your Costa Rica vacation. From airfare to local insider tips that save you the extra $.

Costa Rica is a dream destination for many to visit. You most probably imagine the sound of the howler monkeys, the lush jungle forest, waterfalls and secluded beaches. The “Pura Vida” is calling you! … But once you sit down to start with the travel planning, you realize it is not the easiest thing to organize this exotic or sometimes even lifetime vacation.

This is something we have experienced many times with our past guests, so we have compiled a list of some top tips to save money on your Costa Rica vacation. Here some of our best-practice tips to getting started:

1.      Book your vacation in advance!

Whether you like to visit during Costa Rica’s low or high season – we know as insider that early birds always receive a special treatment. Besides the benefits of an advanced booking rate; you most probably can even negotiate flexible payment conditions or may receive benefits that add value to your booking such as Free WIFI, a welcome basket or other exciting value add-ons.

The benefit of reserving early is that the “reservation agent” at the rental house or hotel you like to stay has still much more room to negotiate than last-minute.

2.      … also your flights should be booked in advance!

The earlier you book, the better! It is a proven rule and confirmed by leading travel pages like Expedia or Travelocity. So once you booked your destination in advance – you should start monitoring flights between 90 to 60 days before your departure date which should give you the best results. Pages like or help in comparing airline rates for your travel dates.  Experts agree that Tuesdays are the best days to look & book.  It's the day all the airlines reset their rates.

3.      Use a local travel expert.

Once you have your destination and flights booked. You should contact your “local expert”. Our advice is – do not rely on an international travel agent – they are intermediaries and really cannot assist with insider tips or guarantee the quality of any service they offer. They are not physically in the country.

When it comes to recommendations on transfer arrangements, excursions, the planning of a special occasion or any other activity you like to add to your agenda - work with a local expert. At Casa Tranquila, you have the complimentary help of a private Concierge. Nathan is Costa Rican and will not just help you before your arrival with any question you have, but also with all your arrangements during your stay. He will personally welcome you upon arrival to Casa Tranquila and say goodbye at the end of your dream vacation. Travel planning could not be easier and comfortable. The best of all is… you can be assured that you will not be “ripped off like a tourist” as they say, because Nathan has it all covered for you. No language or culture barriers you will have to hustle with. Just enjoy the “Pura Vida” vibes.

4.      Rent a vacation home and save money

Renting a vacation home is a great way to save cash. Savings can be up to 50% with a rental as compared to a hotel, and Forbes estimates savings are even deeper if you travel with several people. 

Another money-saving aspect to home rentals is being able to cook instead of eating out for every meal. Restaurant prices rose last year while grocery prices actually dropped, according to “Time", so sample the local fare or shop at a nearby farmer's market to glean the true flavor of your vacation spot.  Casa Tranquila offers a filly-equipped, modern kitchen . . .and even an "extra" smaller kitchen on the first floor.

In Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, with average hotel room rates between $200.00 to $600.00 per night – considering a luxury Villa like Casa Tranquila will definitely be a favorable option when planning a family vacation or a larger group of friends.

5.      No hidden expenses

No hidden fees at Casa Tranquila Costa Rica. There are no resort fees or hidden taxes. Everything is absolutely transparent from your home booking to an overview we provide you with costs for excursions, transportation arrangements or other special services. You determine with Nathan which services you like to select and add to your Costa Rica week and there will be no hidden surprises.

Are you ready to start your travel planning for your Costa Rica vacation? Contact us at Casa Tranquila with any questions and a personalized quotation for your stay dates.

 Nathan, Donald - Fergus & Sombra - Your local experts at Casa Tranquila, Manuel Antonio - Costa Rica are waiting for you.

Nathan, Donald - Fergus & Sombra - Your local experts at Casa Tranquila, Manuel Antonio - Costa Rica are waiting for you.

The gem of Costa Rica - The Manuel Antonio National Park

The Manuel Antonio National Park has quite a reputation. It is the smallest national park in Costa Rica, consisting of 1,700 acres of land and over 130,000 acres of water. Don’t let the size fool you though, it has been rated as one of 12 most beautiful national parks by Forbes in 2011 and is one of the most visited parks in the country. For anybody who is coming to visit Costa Rica and wants to see wildlife and beautiful beaches, Manuel Antonio has to be on their list of places to go.

About the Park

This park was established back in 1972 when Costa Rica decided to preserve the immense natural beauty and biodiversity found within. There is such a vast variety of wildlife and nature present that it is considered one of the most biologically diverse spots in the world.

The park has many hiking trails, a waterfall and several white sand beaches all home to a plethora of animals. It is open Tues-Sunday, 7AM – 4 PM. The entrance fee is $17 for foreigners, but we do recommend you to reserve with us a naturalist guide who is able to point out any wildlife animal and the most beautiful view points along the way.  

Please do not forget to bring a towel or beach blanket. The National Park Manuel Antonio features post-card perfect white sandy beaches. You can walk on the rocks at Playa Manuel Antonio and explore some of the tide pools. There are some fantastic coral reefs around the area and snorkeling is possible to do here but you need to bring your own equipment.

 Gamma, Casa Tranquila´s Nr. Naturalist Guide

Gamma, Casa Tranquila´s Nr. Naturalist Guide


Wildlife watching is one of the best at Manuel Antonio National Park. Over 100 species of mammals and 180 species of birds can be found in the park and it is common to see white face monkeys, the endangered squirrel monkey, iguanas and lizards and 2 and 3 toed sloths.

Be very careful with the white face monkeys and raccoons as they will try to steal your food and they have no fear of humans. Other animals you can see are toucans, frogs, coatis, and out in the water it is possible to see dolphins and whales. No matter what day you go, you will be guaranteed to see some monkeys at the very least!

The Hiking Trails

There are several trails in the national park that you can spend a whole day exploring. They lead to beautiful viewpoints, beaches and a waterfall and since many people spend their time at the beach, you can have the trails all to yourself.

Though the beaches are really nice, we highly recommend hiking at least a couple of the trails. Venture into the hot and humid jungle and reward yourself with a refreshing dip in the bright blue waters.

Tips for Visiting Manuel Antonio National Park

  • You cannot bring food like chips or peanuts in to prevent feeding of wildlife. Park rangers will check your backpack at the entrance.

  • Do NOT feed the animals! It may seem hilarious that the monkey stole your sandwich but it’s harmful to them.

  • You can walk the trails with flip flops but closed hiking sandals are recommended

  • Bring your swimsuit. If you do not want to wear it walking through the park, there are changing stations and showers.

  • You do not need to wear long hiking pants or shirts, the trails are nicely paved with platforms and you will nott be going in the forest. Just make sure to use repellent.

  • We recommend to reserve our naturalist guide who will add great benefit to the one must-do activity that is on your list during your stay at Casa Tranquila. He also provides binoculars.

  • Bring your camera – a wide lens recommended.

  • Bring water and snacks; and of course sunscreen

What are the benefits of a renting Casa Tranquila and not a hotel during your Manuel Antonio getaway?

Busy agendas, traffic, responsibilities and too much daily noise – a vacation is to distant from all of that and find a moment of serenity. Have you ever planned a vacation to really distress and find some rest for you and your family to arrive to a hotel were quiet is not an attribute you will encounter? Overcrowded pools, TV noise at night from your neighbor’s room and let´s not even mention the spectacular entertainment program at night.

You can certainly avoid the noise and the crowds on your next vacation by booking at Casa Tranquila.

Luxury Rental Property Casa Tranquila provides customized service and personal attention

With the rental of Casa Tranquila you receive the complimentary service of your private Concierge. Donald and Nathan will assist you from the first moment of contact with any questions you may have about Casa Tranquila, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica in general and of course any elements of your trip planning as for transportation arrangements, activity suggestions, planning tours and preparing the villa for your arrival by stocking the kitchen with the items you like to have available.

Upon your arrival, we will give you a tour of the house and explain you all technical little things that matter for you to feel like home. We will review your activity plan and assist you with information on any question you may have like how to get to the closets beach, the best restaurant recommendations in the area and of course some insider tips of must things to do during your stay as well as secret spots.

If you like to spoil yourself a little more, our personal chef can arrange for your meals during your stay at Casa Tranquila - so nobody has to spend time in the kitchen on vacation and you have more time to enjoy Costa Rica and everything it has to offer. This service can be arranged either for your entire stay or just for one special dinner.

 Your Casa Tranquila Team! At your service!

Your Casa Tranquila Team! At your service!

More Privacy, less rules

If you stay at Casa Tranquila, you will be the only guest. That means you will enjoy on one hand more privacy and all facilities for yourself and your friends or family. So no need to place a towel before breakfast on your pool chair ;) On the other hand, you can use the pool at the time of your convenience, come and go – Casa Tranquila will be your Home away from Home.

The price for a Villa is comparable to that of a hotel

Most people naturally have the impression that renting a private rental property for their vacation must be far more expensive than a hotel stay. However, consider that really any items in a hotel from the water bottle to the spa or gift shop up are significantly marked up.  When you book a rental house you get what you pay for. Most importantly by only doing the simple math you will quickly notice that the cost per person is similar to that of a good hotel. Now add all the previous mentioned amazing reasons and your choice should become very clear.

For more information about the benefits of staying at Casa Tranquila contact Donald:

Drink Like a Local – Tico Sour Recipe for your pool days at Casa Tranquila

To get you perfectly into your Pura Vida Costa Rica vacation mood we must teach you a typical “Tico Cocktail” for you to prepare and enjoy during your afternoons in the pool chair and of course after your return back home to keep up the good memories.

The Tico Sour features the Cacique Guaro Liquor, a sugar cane liquor that is the bestselling distilled spirit in Costa Rica.

If you are looking to make this at home, you should buy a bottle or two of Cacique Liquor while visiting Costa Rica to bring home with you! A sugar cane rum can also be a close substitute.


  • 2 basil leaves
  • 7 coriander leaves
  • handful of ice-cubes
  • 1 ½ measures guaro cacique liquor
  • 1 lime
  • 1 measure brown sugar syrup
  • soda water
  • salt


Start with the herbs. Roughly tear up the basil and the coriander leaves, and add to your cocktail shaker along with a good handful of ice cubes. Pour in the guaro cacique – Be careful – it is strong. Meanwhile, squeeze the juice of a lime – you will need enough to fill a measuring cup – and add to the shaker along with the brown sugar syrup. Muddle everything together before giving it a good old shake. Pour into a tumbler, remembering to salt the rim of the glass. Finish by topping up with soda water and adding a wedge of lime. Ready and Cheers to “Pura Vida!”

Want to enjoy this at Casa Tranquila at the pool with a stunning view of the National Park Manuel Antonio? Contact Donald at

The mystery of the raining season in Costa Rica!

At Casa Tranquila we are currently enjoying the hottest and driest month in Costa Rica. Sunshine, magical sunsets and sunscreen, much sunscreen are what characterize our days here in Paradise. It is also one of the most requested months as it is the perfect time to escape the cold and snow before the spring starts in the Northern hemisphere; But are the “high season” months also the best month to experience Costa Rica in its most authentic beauty?

Let us explain why travelling to Costa Rica in “low season” has huge benefits

When planning your Costa Rica vacation, you might want to consider visiting during the country’s low tourism period, from mid-April through November. Don’t get confused believing that low season equals the term “raining season” and neither let it spoil your visions of outdoor adventures! This is Costa Rica’s most beautiful time of the year, when the tropical Rainforest explodes in vibrant colors, with exotic flowers and fruit trees, not to mention slightly cooler temperatures. Rest assured “green” season weather will not disrupt your travel plans, as most tours are unaffected by tropical rains or make them even more fun. White Water Rafting? – You will get wet anyways!

Here are a few reasons why the green season is Costa Rica’s best season for travel.

Cheaper Airfare

Book at least one month in advance and you can save $100-$300 off high season fares from major cities like Houston, New York, Washington D.C., Orlando, Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles.

The Weather

It rarely, if ever, rains all day. A typical morning is sunny with clouds and showers rolling in between 2 and 4 p.m. Thunderstorms may last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. Many outdoor excursions take place rain or shine, with the exception of storms with heavy lightning. Mid-September and October are generally Costa Rica’s rainiest months in the Central Valley and Pacific coast. It is amazingly beautiful!

Incredible Landscapes

It’s called the “green season” for a reason! The afternoon showers keep everything fresh, green and lively. You will truly enjoy wandering through the National Park of Manuel Antonio and experience the tropical Rainforest at its best.

Smaller Crowds

Fewer tourists equal more freedom with your itinerary. No need to book every tour in advance; simply follow your whim and make plans day-by-day with the assistance of your private Concierge Nathan. Share the beach of Manuel Antonio with just a handful of people, and explore the National Park without having to go around tourist groups every five meters.


Costa Rica is the most developed country in Central America with fantastic touristic infrastructure and high standards of service. Starting early May you can expect not only lower rates at Casa Tranquila, but also discounts in other services due to lower tourist numbers in the country. Inquire with Donald, owner of Casa Tranquila, about rates for your travel dates and let him assist you with any questions you may have about travelling to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Email: