Villa or Flight? 

Which comes first?


You book your villa first. You are committed. You must now choose a flight that corresponds to those dates, regardless of the cost.


You book your flight first.  You are committed.  You must now choose a villa that is available those dates, regardless of your comfort.

It is the epitome of the “chicken or the egg” scenario. So which do I do first? 

  1. Narrow your villa search to three.  Prioritize them. Send Inquiries. Confirm they are available for your dates and the rate is acceptable.
  2. Check the flights for your dates.  Confirm the fare is acceptable and available.  Book it immediately.

Hold Your Home

Casa Tranquila (and most other villas) will hold your request if you ask in a manner that will not cause us to lose other Guests.  You might say for example:

“Casa Tranquila is in my Top Three Choices.  For the next 48 hours as I check my flight options, may I ask you to notify me before you commit to any other Guest?”

Certainly Casa Tranquila (and most others) will honor that request.  Professional courtesy suggests, of course, that you re-connect within 48 hours with your decision, so we can send you a contract or release the “hold”.

Find Your Flight

Google owns my favorite software for flights to Costa Rica.  Check It’s not supported by advertisement, so it has none of those annoying pop-ups, hotel ads or invitations to Tahiti you didn’t ask for.  ITA is easy to navigate and very succinct.  You will note that while you cannot actually buy your ticket there, it’s worth popping over to the site of the airline to make your purchase. I find their QPX provides the lowest fare options too.

Book BOTH your flight and your villa on the same day to negate your risk of losing either.

We may never know if Frank Perdue was here before Eggland’s Best, but with a degree of ingenuity, you can have the perfect chicken omelet.


Did you know:

As small as Costa Rica is (about the size of West Virginia), San Jose Airport (SJO) has non-stops arriving from Dallas & Houston, Miami & Ft. Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Newark, Charlotte, even Toronto! And from Miami, for example, it’s only 2½ hours.