Our Family

FamilyAfter searching Costa Rica for two years, I purchased Casa Tranquila in April 2006, deciding Manuel Antonio was the most magical spot in this wonderful country. After a year-long, extensive remodel in 2007, I began serving Guests at Christmas that year. (When you’re here, remind me to show the “before” photos . . .YIKES!) Now, 600 Guests, later The Casa Tranquila Kin invites you to be part of our Family.

Juan Alvarez, I always joke, “came with the house”. Our gardener has been at Casa Tranquila since it was built in 1997. He knows where all the bones are, and keeps the pool, grounds & villa in top shape.

Jessica Sojo is “The Real Boss”. She has been with Casa Tranquila since 2008 and I know I can only keep going because she is here. My favorite saying to My Guests is “I don’t know that answer; let’s ask Jessica.” Our housekeeper and Chef Extraordinaire, Jessica wears two sombreros at Casa Tranquila.

Nathan Gomez has been behind the scenes since December 2010 helping me design perfect vacations for Casa Tranquila’s Guests. Now in 2013, Nathan is your concierge: scheduling tours, making dinner reservations, and “greasing the wheel” to make sure your time at Casa Tranquila is the Best Vacation Ever.

Sombra, makes sure you feel the love at Casa Tranquila, with her welcoming ways and eternal search for that piece of bacon you may have dropped. Still a puppy, she has been in our Family since June 2012.

As a Family, we uphold our motto to guarantee that our visitors: Enter as a Guest, and Leave as a Friend.