Jessica ChefIt’s always a special treat at Casa Tranquila to enjoy a dinner at home.  While Manuel Antonio has many fine, local restaurants to choose, there’s nothing that makes you feel more “at home” than having Jessica prepare and serve you some of her culinary delights in the comfort of your own dining room. 

Fresh, local seafood (that was likely swimming an hour before you eat it), fruits and vegetables that taste so fresh, you’ll think they were growing in the back yard, and magical Costa Rican desserts that make you think you have died and gone to heaven can all be yours without ever passing beyond Casa Tranquila’s doors.  There’s no need to drive home after, so you can enjoy all the wine you desire.

Jessica usually serves her scrumptious appetizers around sunset: cheesy quesadillas, the best guacamole and (homemade) chips ever, chimichurri (tomato, onion, cilantro combined in lemon juice and her own “secret ingredient” that she shares with no one), and many more treats.

The main menu is your choice.  While dishes usually offer the Costa Rica flare, she will also ¨go¨ Italian, steaks, or some of the best local pork dishes you ever ate.  Your preference is her pleasure.  You complete dinner is $99 (plus food costs), so it’s a hard deal to beat at any restaurant . . . and her food tops any dish you will find anywhere.

She can also have breakfast waiting on you every morning or prepare a poolside BBQ for lunch on any day you choose just to “hang out” at Casa Tranquila.  These options are only $50 for her service.

Most of Casa Tranquila’s guests opt for a “Welcome Dinner” to be awaiting them the day they arrive so they don’t have to bother going out after a long day of travel.  But be careful: if you have Jessica prepare your first meal, you’ll be spoiled, and never leave the villa again for a meal!