I’m So Sorry to Bother You, but . . . .

Being from Charleston, SC, I feel blessed to have had an abundance of Southern guests thus far in 2014.  Atlanta, Charlotte, Austin, and others.P1020803

Marty Clark and her family hail from Dothan, Alabama, and they were our guests for a week this January.  She made me laugh so much when she called me, because she always started her calls with such true Southern charisma by saying: Donald, I am so sorry to bother you, but . . . .  after which she asked me for some small, simple assistance. 

I love what I do.  Doing whatever it takes to make sure my guests have the ideal vacation in Costa Rica gives me a lot of pleasure.  It’s such a great “job”, and I am never bothered by any request.  Plus, I feel like I get to show off a little every time someone calls to ask for something special, because either Nathan, Jessica, Juan or I can always find a way to make it happen.  And the majority of the time, it’s really easy for us to accomplish, so we feel fulfilled, and we blow breath on our nails and polish them just a bit on our shirts.  See how easy that was?

So don’t you worry, Marty, you never “bother” us.  We are here for our friends at Casa Tranquila, and we love it when you give us any task that will make your week a better one. Ya’ll can come back anytime you want.

And thanks for sharing your warm Southern charm!