Feeling “Warm”er in Costa Rica

Your vacation is your vacation at Casa Tranquila.  And it should be.  That’s the way we like it.  Nathan, Jessica, Juan and I are here to do our best to make sure you and your Family and Friends have a perfect week. And it is so special for us when your definition of “perfection” includes spending time with us.  We never expect it.  We never even hint.  But we love it when you do.  Mike & Renee from Atlanta and The Alvarez Family from Austin are such great illustrations of this.

P1020759Linda and Mark and their Family of nine were Casa Tranquila’s Christmas guests a few weeks ago.  I knew from the get-go I was going to love Linda because she is even more of a planner than I am.  (If I had a dollar for every email we exchanged, I could add two more floors to Casa Tranquila).  And when every detail was covered, I received the sweetest invitation from her for Nathan, Jessica and me to be included in their Family Christmas Celebration.  We all went over on Christmas Eve, and everyone exchanged gifts in a hilarious activity she had created to celebrate The Season, no matter how far away from home one is.

Even after being here for nine years, my mom still worries that I spend holidays alone.  Of course, I never do, but this Christmas it was special, indeed, to be included in such a warm family experience.

P1020794Then, the first week in January, Mike and Renee had all Casa Tranquila to themselves.  They’re a new couple, enjoying their first vacation together.  By most definitions, it’s not an opportune time to invite “strangers” into your holiday.  Yet, in their enchanting style, Nathan and I were invited to have dinner with them one night when Jessica was cooking in The Villa.  They were lovely, charming folks who simply wanted to be gracious guests, and learn more about us.  The conversation and dinner were both delightful, and new friends were made.


Some folks just know how to make you feel special.


I do so love my job!