IMG_3409The Vacation Buggy Tour is the latest and greatest “new” experience in Manuel Antonio. I put quotes around new, because I had never done it before. But in June, Nathan and I took my mom (Margaret), sister (Beth), friend (Jeannie), and, of course, Sombra, to explore the “little-known” areas of Costa Rica. And the beauty we discovered was astonishing.

Mom in LagoonWe were fortunate enough to have Vacation Buggy’s Owner, Don, as our guide, and the care and attention he showed was beyond our expectations. Now, Margaret is an 87 year old woman who has a 12-year old girl still yearning to get out. So she wanted to do everything on the tour. Don held her hand, balanced her over log bridges and secured her as she walked down the (not really very) steep pathways.

Sombra was the reverse! She’s a two-year-old Border Collie who froze up like an 87 year old woman on the extension bridge . . .completely refusing to move another inch. Nathan had to pick her up and “tote” her over the second half of the challenge.Sombra Swims But when we got to the lagoon, Sombra was all up for the swim!

This is an absolute MUST-DO excursion while you’re at Casa Tranquila. But book it with Nathan NOW! Vacation Buggy stays busy all the time. And Don only takes six to eight guests at once. So reserve it early to be sure you have the opportunity to see the parts of Costa Rica that so very few ever experience.

Also, The Corvette Family Group was proud to claim TWO “Awards”  for Don’s tour: Oldest Woman ever to do the tour and First DOG ever.  We’re so proud!

Sombra IMG_5965 IMG_3419