Oh, and Then There’s “That” . . .

Blog-VolunteerBeaches & sun; monkeys & fishing; zip lines & river rafting and of course, great food. For these hopes, you’re counting the minutes until your Costa Rica vacation, no doubt. And what makes all these “attractions” possible is the sense of social and environmental awareness that abounds here in this tiny tropical vacation destination. Without their commitment to environment and social evolution, Costa Rica would not be the most visited country (by Americans) in all Latin America. Casa Tranquila’s guests last week made a request I have never had in eight years. They wanted to volunteer! The Amin Family of Virginia sacrificed a day of “fun in the sun” to help a local long-lived and incredible environmental cause: Kids Saving The Rainforest. Magdi and Malahat and their twins, Noor and Tariq began their day on the KSTR tour to understand exactly what the cause is all about. After, they cleaned and dusted books that were being re-vamped to sell for a fund-raiser sale. Imagine such social consciousness in today’s world . . .and while on vacation, nonetheless.

So, inspired by them, I am sending an invitation to future visitors (whether at Casa Tranquila or not) to consider contributing to the environment that sustains Costa Rica as such an alluring vacation destination. Now that my eyes are opened (thanks to The Amin’s), Casa Tranquila is happy to help you find the perfect avenue for you to replicate their efforts.

After all, without the environmental and social awareness of Costa Ricans (and visitors like The Amin’s), you would never be coming here for all the fun. It seems we all think of the splendor our country provides, but seldom about the work involved in keeping it so splendid.

These are a few sites you may want to explore:

Kids Saving The Rainforest

Projects Abroad


Eco-Preservation Society