BlogEvery Saturday night when Nathan and I greet Casa Tranquila’s new, incoming guests, it seldom varies that they have that “deer in the headlights” look. Tired after a long day of travel, coming to a foreign (and less developed) country, and still trying to understand why there were cows in the road on their drive in . . .guests are almost always timid.

After they see Casa Tranquila, they feel immediately “at home”, yet it’s usually not until Sunday that they shed their worries. They see Casa Tranquila’s sensational view and embrace the warmth of their new home, and it’s so much fun for us to watch the (very quick) transition into the “Pura Vida” state of mind.

Shelly, Vicky, Jeanne and their Girls (and Little Nicholas) set a new record for cuddling into the Costa Rica mind set. The speed and depth of their transition was staggering. They were such warm and endearing folks that we hated to see them go after being Casa Tranquila’s Christmas guests. Like everyone, they experience a challenge or two, but with grace and spirit, they accepted them and said (of course), “Pura Vida, we’re on vacation in Paradise”.

Thanks to them for being such amazing people, and turning into “Ticas” so very quickly and whole-heartedly. Shelly, you and your family are welcome to return to Casa Tranquila anytime!