Everything is PERRRRRRR-fect

IMG_5601These words are music to our ears at Casa Tranquila, and we heard them everyday from Laura and Fred. And let me tell you, this couple knows how to relax on vacation. Other than a couple of educational tours, they were happiest just staying on Casa Tranquila’s balcony soaking in that spectacular view, enjoying their numerous monkey visits, and visiting with Nathan, Paulett and me. There has never been a more “perfect” fit for Casa Tranquila. They even offered “puppy-love” to Sombra and Fergus! Jessica, our former chef, made an encore performance . . .returning to Casa Tranquila to cook for them all week. By the time they left, they were searching the internet for ways they could take Jessica, Paulett and Nathan back to Florida with them. They even invited us over for “Texas-style” chicken ‘n dumplin’s on their final night . . .and they were the best!

Fred and Laura epitomize the motto of Casa Tranquila: Enter as a Guest, Leave as a Friend. They will always have a home in Costa Rica! And we’re already counting the days until their return in January!