Nisim & Florit2[1]We are so happy to introduce you to Casa Tranquila’s new chef, Nisim Mahluf. He has been preparing extraordinary meals for our guests for about a month now, and the response is “off the charts”! Nisim and his lovely wife, Florit (he says, “the brains” of his success), came to Costa Rica months ago and worked together to design the menu for one of the most successful new restaurants in Manuel Antonio. They returned to Israel to get married, and, upon returning to Costa Rica, decided instead of continuing at the restaurant, to venture into the world of preparing culinary delights for Manuel Antonio’s most prestigious villas. We are happy to claim him/them as ours.

The most popular request of guests is to have Nisim prepare a poolside brunch on a “free day” (without tours) at Casa Tranquila. And there’s usually enough left over for a mid-afternoon snack. Nisim specializes in five cuisines that you can choose . . .each one better than the one before it. You choose the flavor, and leave the magic to Nisim.

  • Italian
  • Israeli (clearly a specialty)
  • Costa Rican (typical local foods)
  • Mexican
  • Seafood

His (very reasonable) rates are ~$150 dinner (depending on the number of diners) for his service, and the cost for your choice of foods is added. Breakfasts, brunches and lunches are about half that.

Casa Tranquila cannot lay claim exclusively to Nisim since he’s available for other villas too. So reserve your meals now. Your taste buds will be thanking you for years after you return home from Casa Tranquila!