Finding Costa Rica Flights

                                                                         Off to Casa Tranquila

                                                                      Off to Casa Tranquila

After severe U.S. cold snaps on both the East and West Coasts, it's the ideal time for a Tropical Vacation.  You know there's more snow on the way now. Yet, Casa Tranquila's best weather is just beginning.

Casa Tranquila keeps its rates below $100/person/night, and it offers far more than any hotel.  BUT, as good as we are, we cannot control airfares.

What we can do is help you!  As part of our service, Casa Tranquila maintains constant awareness of your best flight deals. We want to send some tips to help you escape those freezing months ahead. From (click the link to see the deal):

Once you're on the site, play with the dates (and departure airports) to make it fit your needs, remembering Casa Tranquila prefers Saturday-to-Saturday reservations. If you don't live in one of these large cities, it's only a few dollars more to get there.

Most folks don't know there are TWO international airports in Costa Rica. Make sure you also check Liberia (LIR) as your arrival airport:

Check Casa Tranquila's Calendar, then trade in those galoshes for flip-flops!  All you'll need after is your bathing suit and sun screen!

Click "reply" now, and ask me any questions you have. We are happy to advise on your flight options.

Remember, you always have a home in Costa Rica!

Happy New Year & 
Pura Vida