Doctor Gannon: 9-1-1

Dr. Kevin Gannon has come to Casa Tranquila.  Manuel Antonio now has a fully modern clinic just moments from where your villa, and is available 24/7 for our guests.

In ten years, Casa Tranquila had never had a medical situation any more challenging than a little sunburn.  This June we had two: a dislocated shoulder and bronchitis. In both situations, Nathan made one call, and Dr. Kevin was at Casa Tranquila within the hour. 

For the dislocated shoulder, after treating it and making the guest comfortable, he even escorted him to the hospital for an x-ray and waited for it to be complete. The bronchitis required a second visit later in the week (no additional charge), and he waited until the medication was delivered to Casa Tranquila.

For more confidence, he speaks English better than I do and he takes your US insurance plan for his house calls!  Diagnosis . . . treatment . . . . medication . . .no vacation villa in Manuel Antonio offers better focused attention to your needs.

While we are confident you will never meet him during your vacation, it's comforting to know he's here.