Costa Rica is the New Bali

Elephant Ride in Bali

I just returned from MY vacation in Bali, and I am so happy I made the right decision in 2004. I first went to Bali in 2001, and planned to move there to begin my vacation villa (many of you know this story).  Distance, vast cultural adjustments and aging parents encouraged me to seek, instead, the most “Bali-like” atmosphere . . .just closer.  I chose Costa Rica in 2004 and started Casa Tranquila two years later.

After this month’s return to Bali, I am certain mine was the best call. Four flight connections, 36 total air-hours and jet lag that forced three days of “recovery” confirmed that.  Cars and steering wheels are on the “wrong” side for driving.  There’s 30 scooters for every car. 

Communication is a challenge (who studies even basic Indonesian in college?), currency conversion requires a calculator (13,000 rupiah=$1, so $80 makes you a “millionaire”), and the folks who ran our vacation villas, nice as they were, could certainly take some customer service tips from Casa Tranquila.

Fair is Fair: Nathan and I were hampered by my broken leg (that story for a later post), but I am certain Costa Rica is the place for me.

  • Much closer
  • Different culture without making me uncomfortable
  • US Dollars are welcomed
  • English spoken commonly
  • Far better guest “acclimation” service . . .at least at Casa Tranquila

Bali is gorgeous, inexpensive (once you get there), and the people are (almost as much as Ticos) incredible.

I’ll take Costa Rica every day of the week!  I hope you do too!