The mystery of the raining season in Costa Rica!

At Casa Tranquila we are currently enjoying the hottest and driest month in Costa Rica. Sunshine, magical sunsets and sunscreen, much sunscreen are what characterize our days here in Paradise. It is also one of the most requested months as it is the perfect time to escape the cold and snow before the spring starts in the Northern hemisphere; But are the “high season” months also the best month to experience Costa Rica in its most authentic beauty?

Let us explain why travelling to Costa Rica in “low season” has huge benefits

When planning your Costa Rica vacation, you might want to consider visiting during the country’s low tourism period, from mid-April through November. Don’t get confused believing that low season equals the term “raining season” and neither let it spoil your visions of outdoor adventures! This is Costa Rica’s most beautiful time of the year, when the tropical Rainforest explodes in vibrant colors, with exotic flowers and fruit trees, not to mention slightly cooler temperatures. Rest assured “green” season weather will not disrupt your travel plans, as most tours are unaffected by tropical rains or make them even more fun. White Water Rafting? – You will get wet anyways!

Here are a few reasons why the green season is Costa Rica’s best season for travel.

Cheaper Airfare

Book at least one month in advance and you can save $100-$300 off high season fares from major cities like Houston, New York, Washington D.C., Orlando, Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles.

The Weather

It rarely, if ever, rains all day. A typical morning is sunny with clouds and showers rolling in between 2 and 4 p.m. Thunderstorms may last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. Many outdoor excursions take place rain or shine, with the exception of storms with heavy lightning. Mid-September and October are generally Costa Rica’s rainiest months in the Central Valley and Pacific coast. It is amazingly beautiful!

Incredible Landscapes

It’s called the “green season” for a reason! The afternoon showers keep everything fresh, green and lively. You will truly enjoy wandering through the National Park of Manuel Antonio and experience the tropical Rainforest at its best.

Smaller Crowds

Fewer tourists equal more freedom with your itinerary. No need to book every tour in advance; simply follow your whim and make plans day-by-day with the assistance of your private Concierge Nathan. Share the beach of Manuel Antonio with just a handful of people, and explore the National Park without having to go around tourist groups every five meters.


Costa Rica is the most developed country in Central America with fantastic touristic infrastructure and high standards of service. Starting early May you can expect not only lower rates at Casa Tranquila, but also discounts in other services due to lower tourist numbers in the country. Inquire with Donald, owner of Casa Tranquila, about rates for your travel dates and let him assist you with any questions you may have about travelling to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Email: