For the <3 of Sloths

How can you look at a photo of a sloth and not fall in love?  So gentle. So adorable. Always smiling.

Monster, Casa Tranquila´s Baby from TSI

The Sloth Institute Costa Rica does heartfelt work to help our sloth population endure and thrive.  Their natural habitat in Manuel Antonio is diminishing more every day, and Casa Tranquila is committed to helping.  You can do the same.

TSI focuses on education, research and care of Costa Rica’s sloths. Contributing, volunteering and becoming a member of its Adopt-a-Sloth Program are ways to show your love of your special friends.  Casa Tranquila was the proud “mother” of Monster, one of TSI’s most beloved babies, until he passed away last year.  His loss only proves there is always more help needed and work to be done to preserve Costa Rica’s first inhabitants . . .its wildlife.

Please go to TSI’s website and contribute as you are able.  Then, when you come to visit Manuel Antonio, you can be confident there will still be plenty to see.