Relax, recharge, reflect, reevaluate. The reasons you really should consider a long-term vacaction in Costa Rica.

For many of us the typical flow of the year starts off with many intentions, goals and projects we see ourselves accomplish in the span of 365 days. While weather is still cold and grey in the northern hemisphere we put all our energy into accomplishing a good start on all our new life-changing objectives. Once the summer comes we have managed to get through the coldest months which tear on our physical bodies and might feel tired by now from the rush and all the force we put into the first quarter of the year. Suddenly, we realize - oh gosh… we might have totally forgotten the stress that comes with the summer time maybe managing employees schedules or taking on extra work from colleagues being “out of the office”.

For some reason, and certainly not as intended , with the arrival of the summer we might feel rather drained than refreshed. A short weekend getaway or maybe a quick escape to the mountains might be a quick fix for holding on a few weeks longer or a couple months – But we certainly cannot deny the inner voice that will keep begging us for time to really get off the grid, recharge, reflect and reevaluate.

 Costa Rica is a fantastic destination to recharge. Yoga, Meditation, Nature Hikes and great Surfing await you.

Costa Rica is a fantastic destination to recharge. Yoga, Meditation, Nature Hikes and great Surfing await you.


1.       Relax: Just as we to need sleep every night to feel our best, we occasionally need time away from work to work our best.  Participate in those activities that promote relaxation for you.  Reading a good book, taking a quiet walk in solitude, floating in the pool, joining your yoga practice or working in a garden. You surely can define some activities that assist you to withdraw yourself from your stress, routine and busy agenda. Overall burn-outs are on the rise – keep that in mind.

2.       Recharge: Without stress there would not be growth, but taking a break from stress no matter if physical or mentally is crucial to our health. Consider that you allow your body after each work-out at the gym time to recover and re-hydrate. The same recovery time we should also honor our mind and soul. Taking a vacation immediately assist to manage stress and honoring the time away from the office is definitely beneficial.

3.       Reflect: Stepping back from your everyday schedule and task lists to allow yourself the opportunity to reflect can provide a multitude of positive outcomes. As they say “you are in no obligation to be the person you were last month, last week or even yesterday”. Even though you have set clear intentions on the beginning of the year – maybe along the way you learned that some activities might not feel as interesting to you anymore and that is ok. Maybe getting a new car is not as relevant to you anymore as maybe doing this nutrition course that is coming up and you just discovered on Facebook. If you allow yourself to refresh your “vision board” from time to time rather than holding on tightly to one single plan “A” – you will refill with new motivation.

4.       Reevaluate: The best decisions are made when you really allow yourself to step back and take some time to feel and revaluate what is important to you. Whether in your personal or professional life, taking a break from everyday tasks gives you time to formulate innovative responses to both your life and business challenges.

 Casa Tranquila now features long-term rental rates for those that like to re-structure their life paths or celebrate a new chapter.

Casa Tranquila now features long-term rental rates for those that like to re-structure their life paths or celebrate a new chapter.

Why you should consider a long-term stay in Costa Rica to assist in the “Redefining of yourself”

Costa Rica is an authentic and vivid country. You will be surrounded by rainforest and oceans which are the main oxygen producers – Only that is already a “YES” indicator. Waterfalls, endless jungle, flora and fauna you can emerge in and get inspired by. Reconnect with nature, reconnect with yourself and combine that with a healthy diet which is so easy to establish in Costa Rica. With the weekly farmers market offering fresh and organic produce from fruits, vegetables, fresh cheese to organic eggs.

The local culture of “Ticos” you will experience as friendly and welcoming. People are less interested in possessions rather than in connections, friends and family which is so refreshing and will make it easier for you not to worry about your established “I have to do – I need to have”. Rather than that, go and play – get a yoga class on a beautiful secluded beach, try your talent of photography or take surfing lessons. The variety of fun things to do in Costa Rica is endless.

Wrapping it up – taking a longer vacation will result in a more balanced life - a life that truly aligns with yourself and your true desires and needs. At Casa Tranquila, we therefore now offer long-term rental rates as we understand that more and more of us are seeking for a longer and more meaningful “get-away”. Contact us for more information:

After writing this blog, we think we need a vacation – good however that we already live in Paradise J Pura Vida!