5 genius ways to save money for your Costa Rica vacation. From airfare to local insider tips that save you the extra $.

Costa Rica is a dream destination for many to visit. You most probably imagine the sound of the howler monkeys, the lush jungle forest, waterfalls and secluded beaches. The “Pura Vida” is calling you! … But once you sit down to start with the travel planning, you realize it is not the easiest thing to organize this exotic or sometimes even lifetime vacation.

This is something we have experienced many times with our past guests, so we have compiled a list of some top tips to save money on your Costa Rica vacation. Here some of our best-practice tips to getting started:

1.      Book your vacation in advance!

Whether you like to visit during Costa Rica’s low or high season – we know as insider that early birds always receive a special treatment. Besides the benefits of an advanced booking rate; you most probably can even negotiate flexible payment conditions or may receive benefits that add value to your booking such as Free WIFI, a welcome basket or other exciting value add-ons.

The benefit of reserving early is that the “reservation agent” at the rental house or hotel you like to stay has still much more room to negotiate than last-minute.

2.      … also your flights should be booked in advance!

The earlier you book, the better! It is a proven rule and confirmed by leading travel pages like Expedia or Travelocity. So once you booked your destination in advance – you should start monitoring flights between 90 to 60 days before your departure date which should give you the best results. Pages like Skyscanner.com or CheapAir.com help in comparing airline rates for your travel dates.  Experts agree that Tuesdays are the best days to look & book.  It's the day all the airlines reset their rates.

3.      Use a local travel expert.

Once you have your destination and flights booked. You should contact your “local expert”. Our advice is – do not rely on an international travel agent – they are intermediaries and really cannot assist with insider tips or guarantee the quality of any service they offer. They are not physically in the country.

When it comes to recommendations on transfer arrangements, excursions, the planning of a special occasion or any other activity you like to add to your agenda - work with a local expert. At Casa Tranquila, you have the complimentary help of a private Concierge. Nathan is Costa Rican and will not just help you before your arrival with any question you have, but also with all your arrangements during your stay. He will personally welcome you upon arrival to Casa Tranquila and say goodbye at the end of your dream vacation. Travel planning could not be easier and comfortable. The best of all is… you can be assured that you will not be “ripped off like a tourist” as they say, because Nathan has it all covered for you. No language or culture barriers you will have to hustle with. Just enjoy the “Pura Vida” vibes.

4.      Rent a vacation home and save money

Renting a vacation home is a great way to save cash. Savings can be up to 50% with a rental as compared to a hotel, and Forbes estimates savings are even deeper if you travel with several people. 

Another money-saving aspect to home rentals is being able to cook instead of eating out for every meal. Restaurant prices rose last year while grocery prices actually dropped, according to “Time", so sample the local fare or shop at a nearby farmer's market to glean the true flavor of your vacation spot.  Casa Tranquila offers a filly-equipped, modern kitchen . . .and even an "extra" smaller kitchen on the first floor.

In Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, with average hotel room rates between $200.00 to $600.00 per night – considering a luxury Villa like Casa Tranquila will definitely be a favorable option when planning a family vacation or a larger group of friends.

5.      No hidden expenses

No hidden fees at Casa Tranquila Costa Rica. There are no resort fees or hidden taxes. Everything is absolutely transparent from your home booking to an overview we provide you with costs for excursions, transportation arrangements or other special services. You determine with Nathan which services you like to select and add to your Costa Rica week and there will be no hidden surprises.

Are you ready to start your travel planning for your Costa Rica vacation? Contact us at Casa Tranquila with any questions and a personalized quotation for your stay dates.

 Nathan, Donald - Fergus & Sombra - Your local experts at Casa Tranquila, Manuel Antonio - Costa Rica are waiting for you.

Nathan, Donald - Fergus & Sombra - Your local experts at Casa Tranquila, Manuel Antonio - Costa Rica are waiting for you.